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I only deliver to the UK, but all of the UK is free packaging and delivery.

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I offer any-reason full refunds if I receive the item back undamaged within 60 days. Obviously, if the item arrives to you damaged, I need to know as soon as possible, but otherwise you can take your time in returning the item. This makes buying as gifts or Christmas presents risk free.

I also offer free return postage from within the UK if you want this. I email you a return slip for you to print and to then drop the item off at a local collection point which will give your proof of your drop-off. If you are happy paying the return postage, then you can use any means of getting your item back to me.


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The easiest way to contact me is to use the Contact Form which sends me an email from this website.

The other ways follow.

Email address:

Mobile: 07810 280 019. For speed, texts are read before voice messages are heard.

Landline: 0191 265 9664. Please avoid phoning this outside of work or evening hours since this is our home phone which is never switched to silent.

My full home and studio address  - in case you wish to write - is:

John Fraser
9 Stratford Grove
Newcastle upon Tyne
NE6 5AT.

Please do not call, unless by arrangement, since there is no display space nor gallery, and I may well be out. Also my wife works from home, and may be busy seeing clients.


John Fraser


Hi, I'm John Fraser and have had a variety of careers, with ceramics spanning some 25 years of my working life. I was born in New Zealand and am now 56 years old and living in the UK.

After my Science Degree in New Zealand, I travelled to Europe via Japan and then hitched around Europe for a bit over a year.

I settled in the UK and earned a living doing Computer and Business Systems Consultancy for about seven years, and during this time - around the age of 30 - met my future wife (Jenny Biancardi) and obtained my first studio space in London, so I could take ceramics seriously.

This was followed by a stint as a full time potter in Newcastle upon Tyne working on the wheel for around ten years, with me selling work through galleries, a studio shop, Potfests, and various selling events including a selected event organised by the CPA.

Undertaking an increasing number of clay workshops in Primary Schools led to me qualifying to teach full-time, doing a PGCE, and later on, an M Ed. I taught full time for a while, during which I continued to teach ceramics evening classes.

For some years now, I have combined hand-built ceramics with being a supply teacher, and occasional Project and Business Consultant. I enjoy variety, and at most spend half my time in the studio. Time away from the studio enables me to give proper consideration to the pieces I'm making.

My making consists of hand-built ceramics, and designing and selling 3D-printed objects.


History in Images

Various albums. Previous and next buttons will show images within an album

Brief John Fraser history
Some Clocks Sold 2014 2015


Artist's Statement

There is always an intention of some sort or another when I am starting a new piece: often quite a specific intention, and often to explore some specific positive emotion, experience, or aspect of life. These interests often result in a piece that is abstract in the sense that it is not representing a specific object.

Once a piece is underway, it will depart from my initial ideas, because the processes and physicality of the clay, my ideas, what is physically emerging, and things below conscious awareness, all interact. Thousands of micro-decisions - some conscious, some not – inevitably go into the final expression of every piece, and the piece is also a result of alternating periods of absorption in the work and reflection upon it.

It is simple (but important) things that go into my art making: sincerity, passion, care, courage, time, thought, trust and intention. What comes out? Huge benefits and satisfaction for me in the making (though it is not always easy), and hopefully pieces that others will also see and appreciate.

When a piece is finished, I always try and have it on display where I will see it for a while, because then I learn things about it and myself that I wasn't fully aware of before. Then I’m okay with putting it out into the world. 

I'm increasing how much I say about each piece: I think most people realise that what I say is what I am consciously aware of. Given this, and that everyone has their own history and experiences, it is completely valid that you have your own reactions and thoughts that may be quite different from mine.

I often put my comments as part of the description of a piece here on this website. Additional thoughts about the making progress, artistic issues, and the progress of individual pieces are over on my blog at

My art has positive intentions because that is part of my nature and this benefits both me and others, and also because I am a bit of a contrarian: I feel that the negative and conceptual aspects of life and art are currently well-enough represented, and I am happy to try and be a small part of bringing about some sort of – what seems to me – healthier balance. In terms of healthy work balance, I mix art making (an inward-looking activity) with being a primary school supply teacher (an outward-looking activity that also brings many daily positive experiences.

If my pieces positively resonate with you - and others who get to see them - then that’s fantastic! My aim is for an initial visual impact, but then for more to emerge as one lives with a piece.

Thanks for reading.


Art Clocks

For a time I traded under the name of Art Clocks, but that sole focus existed for just a few years. Now it is easier to trade under my own name.

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